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Dad took me on some wild rides growing up


About The Book

Imagine your life is a series of skits in a sitcom because of your eccentric father who can never get enough attention. His physical appearance turns people's heads. He wears a toupee that looks like a toupee. He has a handle bar mustache and sideburns dyed jet black, and he shows off his tanned, muscular physique by leaving his shirt unbuttoned down to his navel wherever he goes. His appearance and his off colored jokes draw attention yes, but it’s his van that’s the real pain in your life.


The van is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s covered in brass ornaments and silver dollars. It shines like gold and everyone stares at you because you’re in the van and you need a ride to school. Most any kid would want to be dropped around the corner. 


But the story is more than this. Young Steingold takes you inside her life being raised by her out of this world dad. As she is left unsupervised and having to fend for herself in serious situations, life becomes an even more wild ride, where she is taken down a life road we never expected. 


In this tale of hijinks and tragedy, readers who are from a more conventional and strict upbringing will want to live vicariously through young Steingold. While those who have lived a childhood of freedom and chaos, will relate to the pain that comes with it and be validated in their own struggle. Regardless of where you come from, this story will show you how to appreciate your own childhood and recognize the grace it took to survive it all. 

A Memoir
Tracy Bouvier
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Hi, I'm Tracy and I've written a book called--Drop Me Around the Corner. It's a coming of age story where I share about the wild ride of being raised by my dad, Ernie Steingold, who drove the California Fantasy Van of Burbank. The book is in its final stages and I will share new excerpts from the book from time to time. Feel free to read the current excerpt and About the Book on The Book page of the website.  In addition to my memoir, I've written some fictional short stories that I will share on the site in the future.     


I live in Vancouver Washington with my husband Ray and work as a registered nurse in the operating room. Away from the hospital, I love working on the seemingly endless projects around home, getting frequent visits from my awesome grown daughters, and enjoy wood working and exploring new Meetups while eating good food and making new friends.


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Nostalgia in Photos

Nostalgia in Photos

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